Dr. Kat Developed State Licensed Program for Teen-Mothers

Established two state licensed residential group home for pregnant and parenting teen-mothers, which included, creating policy and procedures, human right policies and procedures, standard operational protocols to effectively execute programming.

Conceptualized and executed therapeutic program for teen-mothers who were in fostercare, homeless, on probation with juvenile justice system, or parental placement, providing housing, counseling and daycare services.

Created curriculum for parenting teens which helped them transition from being teenagers to teen-mothers.

Delta House Logo
Delta House Logo

Dr. Kat Ford’s Honors & Awards

Emerging Business Leader

Oct 2012  City of Richmond Office of Minority Business Development

Selected participant of City of Richmond Capital One and Office of Minority Business Development Small Business Mentorship Program

  • Community Volunteer Award

    May 2012  Henrico County Public Schools

    Volunteered at middle school assisting youth with behavioral problems and academic difficulties work toward achieving academic success enable to be promoted to the next grade.
    -Volunteered for two years at the school.

  • Community Service Provider Award

    Jun 2010  Virginia Randolph High School

    Provided groups and workshops for teen parents and for students placed in the alternative program due to behavioral issues.

    Provided groups weekly to instill parenting skills, independence and good work value, along with promoted the concepts of being a productive citizen in their communities.


  • Leadership Award

    Jun 2005  Richmond Public Schools

    Given the award in 1998, 2000-2005 for providing excellent leadership working with the role of School Counselor and Administrative Designee.

  • Outstanding Business

    May 2005  Richmond Economic Development Corporation

    Given award for opening Delta House which was a group home for teen mothers in the Richmond area. We were acknowledge for providing a professional service to a highly needed population.

  • Outstanding New Teacher Award

    Jun 1998  Chandler Middle School

    Given an award first year of teaching for providing excellent professional services to my Special Education Students.


Wine & Sign Book Release Event

If you are in the Richmond Virginia Area, come out and join me with my New Book Release Event, “Wine & Sign w/Dr. Kat Ford“.  It will be held on June 4th 2pm-4pm @The Shoppes at the Renaissance. We will have local Richmond Wine Specialist have various wine samples and light finger foods. Come out,bring your family and PLEASE RSVP at www.drkatford.com!!

Consultant – Life Coach Counselor


Henrico, VA. Dec 12 to Present

Utilizing my 20 years worth of skills as an Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Professional Counselor, I will continue to provide consultative clinical and educational services;

With my expert levels of business leadership, program development, and organizational management skills I consult with individuals and organizations trying to develop and start their own business;

Provide consulting services to small business owners on branding, marketing, start up concepts, program and service reforms, staffing, training, etc.;

I also continue to share my wealth of knowledge and expertise to empower and enlighten professionals to effectively assist those in need.

Launched an online coaching and counseling service in May 2016;

Negotiated contract cost and rates for services with private, state, and federal entities

Conducts individual and family counseling for youth and adults

Conducts and facilitates training groups on parenting and co-parenting training, anger management and conflict resolution

Dr. Kat Book Interview on CBS Channel 6

My first Live TV Interview.

It felt good to be able to share one of my passions with the public. I was actually proud of myself that I was able to stand up, share my voice and advocate for a population of young people who are often disregarded and cast to the side. When I owned a business which helped teen mothers, if I became “too radical” or appeared to “side with teen mother too much”, the young mother was often moved or told that her stay at the place would be terminated sooner than later, and of course that effected my funding. So without shame, regards, and plenty of positive power I give it my on all on the local television show! I was extremely nervous, but pleased with my outcome. Check out my interview with on CBS Channel 6  Virginia This Morning Show!!

Dr. Kat is a Member of these Organizations


A compelling speaker and storyteller, Dr. Ford is a high-energy performer and a crowd transformer, leaving her crowds waiting more. She uses her great sense of humor to encourage and enlightened her audiences. Dr. Ford uses her experiences and expertise as a model to deliver the tales of triumph, failures, achievement, and convictions. She educates her audiences on the ways to help others by sharing her experience of being a counselor, business owner, and educator. She holds no bars as she lives within her messages, breathes, and shares the harsh reality that she has endured as a successfully educated African American Women and CEO!

Dr. Ford is an Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Professional Mental Counselor and has been providing clinical and educational services for the past 15 years. Dr. Ford has provided trauma informed care and counseling to youth and their families who were victims of abuse, neglect, domestic violence and/or community violence. Dr. Ford’s creative and innovative methods of “thinking out of the box” have earned her accolades and a reputation of being a successful counselor with challenging “high risk” clients. Her latest program, “AOL” Art of Life Program has been successfully known to have evoked change in numerous troubled adolescents. She recently started a non-profit organization provides assistance to those who have no voice!

Services Provided by Dr. Kat Ford

Dr. Kateresea L. Ford

For over 15 years I have assisted, educated, and provided housing, education, vocational training, and employment opportunities to the State of Virginia young single mothers and their families. I worked in an urban public school as a school counselor and later branched out and own my business providing residential and mental health services to children, adults, and families in need. I have help young adults pursuing college education with opportunities to learn how to be effective helpers by providing internships, mentorships, and practicums throughout my organizations.