Dr. Kat Ford’s Honors & Awards

Emerging Business Leader

Oct 2012  City of Richmond Office of Minority Business Development

Selected participant of City of Richmond Capital One and Office of Minority Business Development Small Business Mentorship Program

  • Community Volunteer Award

    May 2012  Henrico County Public Schools

    Volunteered at middle school assisting youth with behavioral problems and academic difficulties work toward achieving academic success enable to be promoted to the next grade.
    -Volunteered for two years at the school.

  • Community Service Provider Award

    Jun 2010  Virginia Randolph High School

    Provided groups and workshops for teen parents and for students placed in the alternative program due to behavioral issues.

    Provided groups weekly to instill parenting skills, independence and good work value, along with promoted the concepts of being a productive citizen in their communities.


  • Leadership Award

    Jun 2005  Richmond Public Schools

    Given the award in 1998, 2000-2005 for providing excellent leadership working with the role of School Counselor and Administrative Designee.

  • Outstanding Business

    May 2005  Richmond Economic Development Corporation

    Given award for opening Delta House which was a group home for teen mothers in the Richmond area. We were acknowledge for providing a professional service to a highly needed population.

  • Outstanding New Teacher Award

    Jun 1998  Chandler Middle School

    Given an award first year of teaching for providing excellent professional services to my Special Education Students.


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